Mind body mouth.

This blog begins with a simple and unoriginal idea– the journey to mind and body fulfillment is inextricably linked to the mouth.  Great food has the power to be wonder and joy and happiness in it simplest form.  Food defines who we are as people, it is the backbone of culture and links us to our beautiful planet.  Food can be incredibly healing and strengthening, giving life and energy.

So with this, I find myself on a quest for delicious and nourishing food, and real, legitimate information about what our bodies need and want.  I’m sure this will be an interesting journey with a lot of new recipes, random thoughts, and research.  Starting here…

The range of health diets that I have researched so far have one very clear common theme– increase your plant intake!  So, in an effort to force myself into this, I recently switched to a vegan diet.  To be honest, I’ve been debating the idea of animal products for a long time.  It’s really strange to me that we humans drink cow milk… I actually find it more weird than eating meat (despite the fact that I was raised vegetarian and have never intentionally eaten meat).  Anyways, it’s a great way to expand my recipe repertoire and force myself to try new things.  Plus, vegan desserts, when done right, are the perfect package of guilt-free indulgence!


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